Merson holds Arsenal for a full title race this season.

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has called his former club a Premier League title contender England is full this season.

         “Cannons” showed great results again with a 3-2 home win over Liverpool. Reclaiming the top spot from Manchester City with a one-point lead again. Which Emerson praised the work of The old team is ready to be hailed as the team. That competes for the league title this season.

         “I think they are outstanding. I think they started well. Came out of the block quickly and scored.” Merson told Sky Sports. “I think Arsenal management [after the third goal] is excellent. With the team leading 3-2 Liverpool weren’t in any danger UFABET

         “You’re talking about a young and inexperienced team. I am very impressed. They are top of the league, going through another game. They are just doing what they are doing.”

         “I’ve never seen this. It’s been (or at least) a long time ago, it’s really bustling. As long as they can continue like this You never know. We’ve seen Leicester win the Premier League [in the past].”

In addition to breaking the Reds’ flank brilliantly. The Gunners have also reclaimed the top spot from Manchester City. Proving that Mikel Arteta’s team has the potential this season. Enough to be able to win a full championship.

However, Firmino’s performance wasn’t enough to save Red Machine from defeat when Arsenal came in 3-2 on a penalty from Bukayo Saka. in the 76th minute.