Murphy offensive line can attack every team in the world.

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Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has hailed Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka. And Gabriel Martinelli for handling defensive tackle at any club in the world.

         Two Arsenal stars helped score a goal as the Reds beat the Reds 3-2 in the Premier League game on Sunday night. Ready to collect three important points. Which Murphy praised both Saka and Martinelli as cool enough to play any team.UFABET

         “Sometimes analytics can be easy for you with great players playing with confidence.” Murphy told Match of the Day. It’s a tactical aspect or a mistake, but today Arsenal had a positive for everyone to see.

         “These two youngsters (Saka and Martinelli) play left and right who can attack any defensive team in Europe or even the world. Great players can deal damage. They do not stop They are moving forward and are full of confidence now.”

Murphy told

         “Obviously conceding a goal in the first minute of the game was a very bad start for Liverpool but it was a great goal that the two of them coordinated. The rest of the first half was great and Liverpool got back into the game, but Arsenal had these two against [defensive] Liverpool.

         “Both of them are not just about speed and skill. They also had a great finish. Take a look at the running correct passing of the ball good decision I love everything about Arsenal at the moment, they are balanced. They have a great layout. That gives them the freedom to wade through and create problems.”

         “They have players with mixed experience with these youngsters. Mikel Arteta’s way of playing, they know their role. But what is more important is that they play with that freedom.”

         “For young players If you have a team manager that gives you the freedom to express yourself. You will have a chance.”