Revealed that Haaland likes to eat entrails to increase energy.

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Manchester City football striker Erling Haaland has revealed that he likes to eat heart and liver, which are rich in nutrients including B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, copper and magnesium.

         The Norwegian international star has been outstanding with 20 goals this season. Which referred to life as drinking filtered water Look to the sunlight when waking up and eating animal organs. UFABET

         “You (other people) do not eat this. But I’m serious about taking care of my body. I think it’s important to eat quality local food,” Haaland said in a documentary following his life prior to his departure from Dortmund.

         “People say beef is bad for you. What about the beef you eat at McDonald’s? Local cows grazing there? I eat both my heart and my liver on a regular basis.”

         “The first thing I do in the morning is get sunlight into my eyes. It is good for the system of the body. I also started drinking filtered water. I think it’s beneficial for my body as well.”

Haaland, who earns £375,000-a-week with Manchester City, said: “The first thing I do in the morning is look at the soft sunlight. Good for the eyes as well as good for the various functions of the body, including drinking water from the filter. Because this will make you healthy too.”