Rio Ferdinand praises Casemiro for helping a great defensive game.

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Rio Ferdinand praised Casemiro’s work in the 2-1 win over Everton in the Premier League on Sunday night. The Brazil international played the full 90 minutes at Goodison Park and was the assist for Cristiano Ronaldo to score the winning goal. Which Rio referred to as a He is a former defender that wants a player like Casemiro in the front.

         “Casemiro is an experienced player. He won the Champions League. The league several times He understands football.” Rio Ferdinand told BT Sports. different atmosphere He gets used to it and adapts quickly with his intelligence.” UFABET

         “You don’t play at that level (Real Madrid) without intelligence. True, he didn’t start well. Losing the ball causes the team to concede a goal. But as the manager said, he grew up in the game.”

         “If you look at the highlights of him today playing with the ball. You say it’s not good but when there is no ball his position how to squeeze game. How he manages his opponent’s offensive game. That’s what you need in the team for the stability of the game.”

         “I’m not worried about playing with his ball. He will give it to the players who can make the game themselves. That was his game throughout his career. He was there to fill the gap and connect the game.”

         “For me as a defender You need someone in front of you who knows how to deal with the space ahead so that you don’t easily take advantage of competitors. He is the only midfielder at Manchester United who knows how to instinctively defend defensively. And it’s part of the deal. The best in his game.”